San Biagio Island

The Island

San Biagio Island

The Island San Biagio, called "Rabbit Island" by the locals, is more or less an extension of the half island "Belvedere Point", on which the Camping grounds of San Biagio are situated. Usually the island is reachable by wading through the water, and if the water levels are really low, through knee deep water or even on dry land! Its magnificent location guarantees a very rare and special view over the Garda Lake, as well as idyllic cool breezes on very hot days.

In the 50’s the Island was used to test weapons by nearby armour manufacturer "Beretta", however today the Island of San Biagio is a favourite spot for young and old alike. From 2016 onward the San Biagio Island has been part of the Natural Reserve of the Rocca, the Sasso and Parco Lacuale

The visitor can reach the island by ferry from "Porto Torchio" or by boat. A fee is charged for admission to the island. Only for the guests of Camping San Biagio entry to the island is free.


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During the summer months the snack bar on the island is open and run by Camping San Biagio, who also manages the restaurant on the San Biagio Camping Site. The sanitary facilities have been updated and deck chairs are available for rent. Picnic is not allowed on the island.

FAQ San Biagio island

When is the island open for visitors?
Every year l’isola San Biagio is open from about the 1st of May until the 15th of September, always depending on weather conditions. In case of bad weather the island and the snack bar remain closed.

How much is the entrance fee for the island?
The admission fee for the island San Biagio is €10,00 and has to be paid at the entrance of the island. Only for guests of Camping San Biagio the entrance is free of charge.

How to reach the island?
Visitors can reach the island by ferry from 'Porto Torchio' orby their own boat. During the day the ferry goes back and forth between 'Porto Torchio' and the island San Biagio. The island can be reached from the camp site by wading through the water for the guests of Camping San Biagio only.